What crystal can anxiety bring

Crystals are believed to have some specific energy and healing properties. While crystals cannot directly cure anxiety and depression, certain crystals are believed to have calming and relaxing energy that can be used as an adjunct to help alleviate these emotions.

Here are some commonly used crystals that are said to have some help with anxiety and depression

1) Blue gems: Blue crystals, such as sapphires, blue sea crystals, etc., are believed to have soothing and calming emotional energy.

2) Amethyst: Amethyst is seen as a healing crystal that helps balance emotions and reduce stress and anxiety.

3) Rose quartz: Rose quartz is a pink crystal that is believed to have gentle energy, promote love and self-acceptance, and help relieve emotional distress.

4) smoky quartz: smoky quartz, also known as smoke crystal, has the properties of stabilizing mood and eliminating negative energy.

5)strawberry quartz: strawberry quartz is a pink crystal that is believed to bring joy and positive energy, helping to boost mood