What is a crystal cluster? How to use them

What is a crystal cluster?

Crystal clusters, one of the favorites, are "super crystals" formed by a combination of many small or large dots that release a large amount of energy, each cluster of crystals may have different metaphysical properties, but they share the same property, that is, they bring powerful, healing Earth energy into your environment. These healing crystals are also very effective in removing undesirable energy from the environment, while they fill the surrounding space with light and positive energy.

Crystal clusters can enhance harmony and peace in groups, families, and other social and/or business environments. Crystal clusters protect and purify the environment while promoting cooperation, friendship and intimacy. Crystal clusters can be programmed and can be used to clean rooms or other crystals.

Healing properties of crystal clusters

Psychotherapeutic properties

Crystal clusters can amplify energy, it has the advantage of being able to connect physical and spiritual bodies, allowing you to connect with spiritual time, if you want to resume and maintain contact with the spiritual realm, you can use these types of crystals, because the energy they release is very deep and powerful, when you use these crystals, your soul, mind and spirit will be lifted.

Physiotherapy properties

Crystal clusters have a strong healing effect, it is very helpful for physical diseases, crystal clusters can help you overcome fatigue or lack of energy, help you recover energy consumed by negative energy. Make you feel more energetic and physically active. It is also good for the lungs and relieves bronchial, asthma and other diseases. It can also help strengthen bones, teeth and cartilage.

Emotional therapeutic properties

The powerful energy of the crystal cluster helps you expel the negative energy around you, protects your soul from the influence of negative energy, provides calm and soothing emotions, and keeps you away from bad emotions.

How to use crystal clusters

Crystal clusters in meditation

The crystal clusters can help you enter a deep state of relaxation and heightened awareness during meditation, providing a sense of calm and clarity in the meditation space, being highly connected to yourself, they help balance the chakras, just hold the crystal clusters or place them next to you while you meditate.

Crystal clusters at work

Crystal clusters are ideal for use in office environments where they can be placed on your desk or near electronic devices to help reduce electronic radiation, help you focus and feel more balanced, and create a positive and productive work environment for you. Using topaz can promote success and prosperity, while black tourmaline is a protective stone that can dissipate negative energy for you. You can create energy fields with specific intent and purpose through different types of combinations.

Crystal clusters in your home

In the home, the crystal cluster can be used for a variety of purposes, it can be used as a decoration, placed on the coffee table or shelf, it can be placed in a room that needs to be revitalized, or the living room, to inject positive energy into the space, or it can be placed on the sunny windowsill, it is very charming by the light of the sun.

Crystal clusters for chakra healing

Chakra healing using crystal clusters can help balance and realign the body's energy centers. Placing a cluster of white crystals on the top wheel can help inspire a higher state of consciousness, while placing a cluster of rose quartz on the heart wheel can help promote self-love and emotional healing. You can also place specific types of crystal clusters on each chakra, depending on what you want to achieve.

Make a small cluster grid

You can create a small grid on the table or on the altar, when you are afraid or have negative emotions, you can create a small grid to release negativity and fear on your sacred altar, prepare for the time when you enjoy your happiness, and wake up your happy life.

If curing crystal clusters

When you receive a new crystal, you can first remove the vibrations of others, once you start using it, it will adapt to your presence, it is best not to let others touch it, in addition, these crystals can be cleaned by soaking them in a solution of vinegar and water.