what is kunzite ?

What is kunzite?

kunzite is a kind of mineral gem containing lithium element, purple, moist and cool, like lilac talk elegant, dripping exquisite reflects the gentle beauty, so it is also known as "the ultimate beauty of the crystal queen.

kunzite is a relatively small crystal stone, kunzite is purple, according to the crystal permeability to become purple pink and purple, the color is very elegant, and very spiritual, and for jewelry lovers, pink purple spodumene is the most common, the most popular, and the most suitable for wearing as jewelry.

kunzite is a unique class of gemstones in many categories, it emits a dreamy brilliance of light and elegant pearl color, gentle as gauze soft texture.

Corresponding chakra: kunzite stone corresponds to the upper heart chakra, which can heal hidden or unknown emotional wounds in the mind. kunzite stone is also known as the "compound stone", used to heal past emotional damage is very good, it is like a micro surgery, slowly pull out the small thorn on the heart tip, so that people become gentle, not anxious.


Therapeutic properties of kunzite

Psychotherapeutic properties

kunzite helps us to be confident and humble in life and dares us to be full of ourselves, kunzite encourages us to live with kindness, emotion and heart, it increases our energy frequency and protects us from negative energies.

Affective therapeutic properties

kunzite is a powerful healer, it encourages people to let go of past sadness and future anxiety, it allows free expression of feelings and heals the mind of the soul, kunzite can also help those who have difficulty communicating with others, help to restore the pain of the heart, eliminate negative energy, and thus bring healing.

kunzite stone invites us to love ourselves better and to actively show this self-love through our actions and words. kunzite stone tells us that love is not just a feeling or emotion, but a way of life and an ongoing practice. kunzite stone attracts our soul mates and other important partnerships and is a soothing friend when we need to heal the heartache from past relationships.

Physiotherapy properties

kunzite's warm and loving energy is like a hug that helps us calm the emotional and physical stress response, it helps to treat migraines, girls reproductive system, girls puberty, premenstrual synthesis and other problems.

Lithium purple jade can strengthen the circulatory system and heart muscle, help treat neuralgia, calm epilepsy and relieve joint pain.

How to use kunzite?

Carry with you

Wherever you are, keep a small rock in your pocket, and when you start talking to yourself and touching it, remember your good deeds and let the crystal help you love yourself more.

Office & Home

The radiant energy of kunzite is as soft as the first light on a lake. To bring a feeling of peace and love to your home, kunzite is an excellent choice. kunzite's energy is perfect for easing strained relationships, whether between family members, roommates, or lovers. Having an office space can help you feel calm, clear your mind, and make good decisions.


There is no doubt that any crystal close to the skin can feel the higher healing vibrations, and by pressing kunzite stone jewelry against the skin, you can get all the high healing vibrations without any obstacles. For those who are still hesitant to open up, kunzite stone and black tourmaline are a good combination. If you want to inject more passion into your heart, you can also wear it with garnet or ruby.

Under the pillow

Put it under your pillow before you go to bed, and imagine the crystal absorbing your worries and guiding you to give up step by step, so you can get a restful sleep.


This crystal can calm the emotions that are upsetting you, thereby bringing mental balance.

During meditation or times of stress, put it on your mind to help solve the problem. Deep breathing can help calm you down.

How to maintain kunzite?

All healing stones need to keep it clean, in the same way that cleaning and charging of kunzite is very important, in general kunzite does not like to scrub too hard because it is a soft stone. Keeping kunzite clean is very important. The easiest way is to wash the kunzite stone under cold water, or leave it in the moonlight for extra charging. Another way to clean kunzite is to use a soft 100% cotton rag or cloth.



The meaning and healing properties of kunzite make this stone one of our favorites. It reminds you to have a pure heart and to live an open, loving life.