What is Purple Fluorite?

What is Purple Fluorite?

The crystal of fluorite is originally colorless and transparent, but because of the holes in its structure, it is easy to be filled by other ions. In nature, colorless transparent Fluorite is extremely rare, red and black fluorite is relatively rare, in addition to these, fluorite can show any other color, like the rainbow, so many people are used to fluorite as a "colored ruby",Purple Fluorite is full of spiritual minerals, Folklore has it that Purple Fluorite has the power to develop the brain, increase creative thinking, and enhance spirituality

Therapeutic properties of Purple Fluorite

Psychotherapeutic properties

Purple Fluorite is a very popular gemstone, it is often used to connect with the spiritual world to help people reach a higher level of consciousness, is a trusted gemstone, it will take you to the spiritual heights you have always dreamed of.

Physiotherapy properties

Fluorite is the perfect crystal to encourage and maintain health, intellectual and emotional well-being, it can help eliminate diseases with early symptoms, is considered a natural immune stimulant and antiviral agent, it strengthens teeth and bones, helps to improve osteoporosis and deformities, and also helps to reduce pain associated with arthritis, rheumatism.

Affective therapeutic properties

Fluorite is also an excellent crystal that has a wonderful stabilizing effect on the emotional body and can help people understand the inner balance of human relationships. To help people eliminate confusion and fear of the future, it gently brings repressed emotions to the surface to solve, dispels hallucinations and rigid thinking, and helps people out of narrow thinking and towards the big picture.


How do I use Purple Fluorite


The therapeutic properties and significance of Purple Fluorite make it a powerful meditation tool, whether in raw stones or crystal clusters such as pyramids. Are capable of enhancing any spiritual practice, while meditating with purple fluorite in hand, can connect with your intuition and enhance your connection with inner truth.

Geomantic setting

Purple Fluorite is considered a sun stone and it is recommended that you place it in a place with more energy, passion and light. Purple Fluorite is best placed in the south of your home or office to provide calm and comfort, and in the office to protect against harmful radiation from your phones and computers. Purple Fluorite can also be placed under pillows to make the healing vibrations of the stone as close as possible.

Wear as jewelry

Wearing it as jewelry is one of the most common ways to receive the positive energy of crystals throughout the day. Since gemstones have a Mo4 degree and are relatively soft compared to most gemstones, we recommend using them in large pendants or charms if you like Purple Fluorite.

How do I clean Purple Fluorite?

Cleanliness is important to ensure that you and your crystal remain connected. Purple Fluorite has a Moo level of 4, so long immersion in water is not recommended. Gently wipe with a soft cloth or use a mild soapy solution. It is important to handle Purple Fluorite carefully so that it retains its natural beauty and energy.

More crystal information

1. Where does Purple Fluorite come from?

Purple fluorite is found all over the world, including China, Mexico, Argentina and the United States. Each site may produce purple fluorite with slightly different characteristics and colors.

2. Can Purple Fluorite be placed in the sun?

Although purple fluorite can be exposed to sunlight, it is recommended to limit its direct exposure for long periods. Too much sunlight may cause the color of the gemstone to fade over time. Purple Fluorite is best stored in a cool, dark place when not in use.

3. What is the hardness of Purple Fluorite?

Purple fluorite has a Mohs hardness of 4, which means it is relatively soft compared to other gemstones. It is important to handle purple fluorite carefully so as not to scratch or damage its surface.

4. How is Purple Fluorite formed?

Fluorite is usually formed by hydrothermal activity. Hydrothermal activity is the term used to describe the deposition, crystallization, metasomatism, alteration, and filling of high-temperature fluids as they come to the surface from deep within the Earth. In hydrothermal sedimentary areas, these fluids often contain ore-forming components that are critical to mineralization, resulting in the formation of high-grade and large deposits.

5. What does Purple Fluorite mean?

Purple fluorite symbolizes spirituality, dream recall, mental awareness, spiritual balance and intuition.