what is terahertz

What is terahertz?

Terahertz is artificial stone. However, it features natural materials. The crystal vessel is melted at high temperature and processed by oxidation chopping to a high degree of semi-cutting. It can emit terahertz waves with a frequency of one de per second. If you're wondering, "How is THZ produced?" The process involves extracting silica from quartz or sand grains. Silicon is very common in the environment, enabling manufacturers to take advantage of the abundant resources to create beautiful gemstones.

It has super healing energy, it optimizes the flow of energy in the body, makes you feel energetic, focused, stress free, and protects the wearer from harmful radiation and electromagnetic fumes.

Use of terahertz


Terahertz is considered to have healing powers, usually enhancing immunity and natural addictions, promoting blood flow and accelerating new gap metabolism, alleviating stiff and constrict body covering, drying tight skin abuse and improving health


Terahertz can enhance meditation by promoting relaxation and mental focus. It can help people quickly enter deep meditation, release negative emotions, gain inner wisdom, and reach a higher state of consciousness.

Use at work

Terahertz is said to enhance creativity and inspiration. Wearing or carrying a terahertz stone will help you balance your root chakra in your creative work, helping to inspire creativity, imagination and innovative thinking.

Jewelry accessories

Terahertz is a beautiful gem that is becoming increasingly popular in fashion accessories. It has a unique color and texture that adds a sophisticated and stylish element to jewelry and other fashion accessories.

How does terahertz clean and charge

Terahertz can be cleaned with warm water and soap. To remove impurities and debris, you can even scrub gently with a soft brush. After cleaning, pat dry with a soft towel.

To charge the terahertz to take full advantage of its properties, you can use lunar rays. Place your crystal in the moonlight on a full moon night to recharge it. If you own quartz, you can place a terahertz stone near the quartz to charge it.