What is the Best Incense For Crystal Purification?

The Meaning of Purification Crystals

Purification of crystals is a common practice in many spiritual and energy healing practices, which aims to clear the crystals of accumulated negative energies and restore them to their original vibrational state and clarity. This purification process is believed to enhance the healing power of the crystal, making it more effective in energy healing, meditation, or as an environmental harmoniser.

The Origin of Incense Purification Crystals

Incense is a precious incense, known as the "King of Incense", and has a long history in ancient China. It is not only used for incense, incense mixing, but also regarded as a kind of treasure with the ability to dispel evil spirits, purify the air, and ward off evil spirits and dangers. The aroma of incense is believed to have the effect of calming the house, praying for good fortune and driving away evil spirits, and is therefore widely used in religious ceremonies, celebrations and personal cultivation.


In addition to this, incense is regarded as an aromatic material with mystical powers and cleansing abilities in Eastern cultures. Ancient people believed that incense could drive away evil spirits, purify the air and protect the peace of body and soul. Therefore, the practice of combining incense with crystals, which is used to cleanse the crystals and endow them with positive energy, was born. It combines the effects of incense in dispelling evil, purifying and praying for blessings, and the clear, transparent and energy-absorbing properties of crystals. Crystals purified with incense are believed to purify the mind, enhance energy, and repel evils and avoid dangers.

Benefits of Using Incense to Purify Crystals

 1) Restores Energy Purity

Crystals are believed to absorb, store and radiate energy. With use, crystals may accumulate negative energies or environmental impurities that may affect their effectiveness. Purification can help remove these energy residues and restore the clarity and purity of the crystal.

2) Enhancing Healing

In energy healing and spiritual practices, purified crystals are believed to be more effective in channelling positive energies and promoting physical and mental balance. Purification can help to ensure that the crystals used in the healing process are in optimal condition.

3) Maintaining Personal and Environmental Harmony

When placed in the home or work space, purified crystals can help maintain the balance and harmony of environmental energies, reducing stress and enhancing overall comfort.

4) Support Meditation and Spiritual Practices

The use of purified crystals in meditation and other spiritual activities can help clear the mind, enhance mental focus, and improve the quality of spiritual connection.

5) Reset and Recharge

Purification is not only about clearing negative energies, it is also about recharging the crystals to bring them back to an active and energised state, which makes them more effective in any new or ongoing spiritual endeavours.

Best Incense Sticks For Crystal Purification

White Incense

White sandalwood, white pine incense, etc. These spices have a cleansing, purifying effect and are suitable for cleansing crystals and combining with all seven chakras to enhance positive energy and spirituality throughout the body.

Clary Sage Incense

As sage opens the Kundalini energy centre around the pelvis, it is the perfect crystal to cleanse orange crystals. If you have carnelian, amber, citrine or tiger's eye, purify them with the smoke of sage incense.

Palo Santo Incense

The cleansing energy of Palo Santo comes from connecting with the root chakra of Mother Earth. Therefore, cleansing crystals with Palo Santo only takes a few minutes. You can cleanse crystals such as red jasper, garnet, black tourmaline, black onyx, bloodstone and hematite.

Frankincense Incense

Frankincense has a sacred, energy-boosting effect and is one of the common scents used to ward off evil spirits. It is suitable for cleansing crystals and combining with the Kan Chakra (Svadhisthana) to help enhance creativity and perception. Sapphire, apatite, celestine, labradorite and lapis lazuli are all ideal for frankincense incense.

Citrus Incense

Such as orange and lemon. These fragrances have a fresh, energising quality and are suitable for cleansing crystals and combining with the navel chakra (Manipura) to help boost confidence and personal power. They can be used for cleansing chryscollo, aquamarine, sodalite or amazonite.

Longan Wood Incense

Longan Wood Incense is also a commonly used incense for crystal cleansing, it has a gentle and refreshing aroma that enhances the ambient aura and the spirituality of crystals. After lighting the Longan Wood Incense, leave the crystal in or under the smoke to help purify and energise the crystal. Dragon's Eye Wood has a gentle and refreshing aroma that can be used to cleanse crystals and bind with the Heart Chakra (Anahata) to help enhance love and balance.

Lavender Incense

Lavender has a soothing, purifying effect and is suitable for cleansing crystals and combining with the Head Chakra (Sahasrara) to help enhance wisdom and spiritual energy. Cleansing high vibrational crystals such as amethyst, lepidolite, howlite, shungite or charoite with lavender incense will be relaxing.

Sandalwood Incense

Sandalwood has a soothing, unifying effect and is suitable for cleansing crystals and combining with the throat chakra (Vishuddha) to help enhance communication and expression. Sandalwood is one of the famous incense used in temples throughout India, it represents purity and can purify spaces and hexagonal jewellery with yellow crystals such as citrine and amber.

Steps For Cleaning Crystals With Incense


  • Gathering Materials

Firstly, prepare the materials you will need to use, including incense, an ignition tool (such as matches or a lighter), a safe container (to extinguish the incense), and a clean cloth or soft paper towel (to wipe the crystals).

  • Creating a Sacred Space

Prior to the cleansing process, you can create a sacred, positive energy environment by choosing a quiet, comfortable space and clearing it of clutter. Some sacred or soothing music can be lit to add to the ambience.

The Purification Process

  • Light the Incense

Choose a suitable incense and light it using a lighting tool. Make sure that the smoke from the burning incense will adequately cover the crystals to be cleansed.

  • Pass the Crystal Through the Smoke

As the smoke begins to rise, slowly move the crystal to be cleansed through the smoke. The crystal can be held in your hand and gently twisted or rotated so that it can fully absorb the energy and cleansing power of the incense.

  • Focus on Intention

While going through the cleansing process, you can close your eyes and focus on your intention. You can visualise the crystal being purified, energised and infused with your wishes and blessings, allowing this energy to merge with the energy of the incense.

Post-Ceremony Care

  • Extinguishing Incense

Once the crystal has absorbed enough incense energy, the incense can be extinguished. Use a safe method, such as inserting the incense into an extinguishing container, or gently pressing on the burning end of the incense with your finger to ensure the flame is completely extinguished.

  • Be Grateful

Finally, gratitude can be expressed to the spirits of nature, the universe, or personal beliefs, and for the positive energy and cleansing power that the incense transfers to the crystal. You can gently tap the crystal or wrap your palm around it to transfer the energy of gratitude and blessing.

After completing the above steps, your crystal has been professionally cleansed and energised to bring you more positive energy and spirituality.

Tips and Notes

  • Cleansing Frequency

Decide the frequency according to your needs: The frequency of cleansing your crystals can be decided according to how often you use your crystals and your environment. Cleansing is usually recommended when the crystal is in use and you feel a build-up of negative energy, loss of vitality, or when it needs to be recharged. Cleansing can also be done on a weekly or monthly basis depending on how you feel.


Frequency should not be excessive: Although crystals need to be cleansed and energised regularly, they should not be over-cleansed as this may affect the energy stability and natural properties of the crystal. It is recommended that the need for cleansing be felt naturally as the crystal is used.

  • Setting Intentions

Clarify the intention of cleansing and energising: The intention of cleansing and energising can be clearly set before the cleansing process takes place. For example, you want the crystal to cleanse negative energy, increase positive energy, enhance the spirituality and effects of the crystal, etc. Focusing on your intention will help the energy of the incense to be transmitted to the crystal more effectively.


Commitment with your heart: To commit your heart when setting your intention, you can close your eyes, focus your attention, and meditate or speak the intention of cleansing and energising with your heart. This intention and dedication will enhance the cleansing process.

  • Choosing the Right Fragrance

Consider Crystal Properties: The properties and needs of the crystal can be considered when choosing a fragrance. For example, for crystals that need to be cleansed and protected, you can choose fragrances that have cleansing, exorcising and purifying properties, such as white incense, incense, and longan wood. For crystals that need to be energised and boosted, choose spices with a vibrant, sunny scent, such as citrus and lavender.


Personal Preferences and Feelings: In addition to considering the properties of the crystal, you can also choose a scent based on your personal preferences and feelings. It is important to choose fragrances that you yourself feel comfortable with and that resonate with your crystals, so that the cleansing process will be more pleasant and effective.


Cleansing crystals using incense is an ancient and effective method to help purify crystals, boost positive energy, and enhance the balance and energy of the body and mind. Choosing the right type of incense, combined with the energies of the seven chakras, can cleanse crystals more fully and enhance their effects.