What is the difference between yellow calcite and citrine

As a fan of crystal, do you appreciate the beauty of yellow calcite and Citrine and wonder how to distinguish them? They look very similar. Although it may be confusing from the appearance, the two gemstones are very different.

In this blog, we will delve into these fascinating yellow gems, distinguishing their differences and uses, so let's keep reading


The difference between yellow calcite and Citrine?

Two stones, two different minerals, and yellow being the only thing they have in common, Citrine is a type of quartz that can be distinguished from yellow calcite by its different mineral composition and origin. Yellow calcite is mainly composed of calcium carbonate, while Citrine is composed of silica and trace amounts of iron. In addition, yellow calcite is formed by the precipitation of calcite in limestone or marble, while Citrine is formed from heat-treated amethyst or smoke crystals.

What is yellow calcite ?

Calcite belongs to the common ore, it is a carbonate mineral, mainly composed of calcium carbonate (CaCO3). yellow calcite gets its color from impurities or trace elements present in its crystal structure. There are a variety of forms and colors, of which the transparent is called "ice SPAR", in ancient Egypt, people will use calcite as a building stone, or made into daily necessities. yellow calcite is a bright and happy stone. If you are struggling with self-esteem or are struggling to find a purpose in life, yellow calcite may be the right gem for you.


Therapeutic properties of yellow calcite

Psychotherapeutic properties

Symbolizing warmth and positivity, yellow calcite is considered a stone of spiritual awakening, helping to foster connection with higher consciousness, promote spiritual growth, and enhance intuition.

Physiotherapy properties

yellow calcite relieves chronic fatigue, improves energy levels, helps strengthen immunity and supports healing of bones and tissues.

Affective therapeutic properties

yellow calcite, helps clear away negative energy and emotional barriers, promotes happiness, optimism, confidence, and just like the warmth of a warm summer sun, yellow calcite is a stone that can help lighten emotions and promote a positive outlook on life. Helps release past trauma and emotional baggage. It can also be used for body purification and detoxification, making it an ideal gem for those going through difficult times.

Characteristics of psychotherapy

yellow calcite is a great way to eliminate accumulated self-doubt and inject you with enhanced energy levels. It is a spiritual gem that people often use to restore balance and harmony in the energy field. It can also help increase mental clarity, improve memory and stimulate intelligence.


What is Citrine?

Citrine is a type of quartz, belonging to the quartz mineral class, ranging in color from light yellow to golden brown, Citrine tends to have a hexagonal crystal system, and its natural form has a cloudy or smoky appearance. Citrine carries the power of the sun, making it vibrant and creative, bringing us prosperity, joy and energy

Therapeutic properties of Citrine

Physiotherapy properties

Citrine is a powerful crystal that brings more power to the body from the mind to the digestive system, making it an amazing gift for those with chronic fatigue.

Citrine helps keep the thyroid working properly, stimulates a healthy digestive system, improves blood circulation, and reduces allergies and various skin irritations. Those who suffer from period pain and abnormal cycles will also appreciate the therapeutic effects of Citrine, which can also be used to treat nausea.

Mental and emotional healing properties

The bright and sunny nature of Citrine helps you open your mind, release tension and feelings of negativity and anger, and help you overcome chaotic feelings of confusion, depression and destructive tendencies.

With Citrine on your side, you'll suddenly feel like anything is possible - and it is! You'll feel a sudden spike in your sense of self-worth, you'll allow yourself to drift with the flow of the river, and instead of feeling like life is one big battle upstream, you'll keep a steady foot and even be ready and willing to accept criticism gently and gracefully.

Why do people confuse them?

Calcite comes in a variety of colors, one of which is the same color as the lemon, all yellow.

Citrine's natural form is so rare that many people easily mistake it for calcite once they see it.

Which one is better?

yellow calcite and Citrine look like twins, and despite their similar colors, they each bring something unique to the table.

Both of these crystals are great for mood help, getting rid of negative thoughts, getting rid of depression and bringing you happiness, and they can also go well together and you can carry them at the same time if you wish.

If you are interested in wealth and prosperity, Citrine is well suited to meet your needs.

If you are budget conscious, yellow calcite may be more for you. Compared to the rarity and high price of natural Citrine, it is usually cheaper because it is so common. Be careful when you find "cheap" Citrine - it is most likely amethyst that has been heat-treated.

In terms of hardness, yellow calcite is softer, and you need to think about whether to wear it as jewelry or put it in your pocket casually, as it may break and scratch. Citrine is relatively robust and has a wide range of uses.

In the end, there is no clear answer as to which is "better" - it really depends on your personal preferences and needs.

When you go to the store, you can hold them and see how they resonate with you, and your heart and energy will tell you which one you are better suited to.