What is the meaning behind the loss or breaking of the crystal?

It is common for crystals to be broken or lost, so are these situations meant to teach us anything? Is there a deeper meaning behind the loss or breaking of the crystal?


Here are a few possible explanations, honoring your own intuition, or something that resonates with you from the heart (rather than fear) :

1. You don't need it anymore

It only stayed in your path for a while, and now that it has fulfilled its purpose, when you solve a problem or problem, the crystal may break, it is no longer needed, and it moves on

2. Lack of resonance

Because you subconsciously displace or reject the crystal because it is not what you need right now.

It could also be that the crystal's frequency is out of tune with your own energy, or is anathema to your soul, so it is alien to you.

3. You need to receive a healing or divine message

In this case, it helps to understand the properties or energies of the crystals.

For example: You keep losing pink crystals. Pink Crystal is the crystallization of love, self-love, acceptance, compassion, friendship, sincerity, kindness and human relationships. This could be a sign that you have spiritual healing work to do to be yourself, or a relationship ended, or a friend was unfaithful

4. You absorb too much negative energy

It is believed that crystals have the ability to absorb and transform energy in their environment, which means that when a crystal is overwhelmed by negative emotions, it can break.

Depending on the type of crystal, it may tarnish from absorbing too much negative energy, or you may feel it emit strange vibrations before breaking.

When it breaks, the crystal can release all the negative energy trapped in it, which also shows that changes need to happen in order for positive vibes to return to your life.

If this happens, consider what circumstances might cause a sudden influx of negative emotions into your crystal.

You can use sage or Palusanto for a cleansing ritual to restore balance and clear the space of any lingering negative energy.

5. Improper care

Ignoring the crystals can damage their power. Over time, this can even cause them to crack or break.

It is also important to maintain your crystals properly if you want to reap all the benefits of crystals, you should always keep them away from any harsh chemicals that could damage them, sharp objects, it is also important to handle the crystals gently and avoid them rubbing against each other.


6. If it is a protective crystal

It may be that you have a parasitic energy attachment that needs to be cleared, or that you are receiving some kind of bad psychic attack energy.

7. If it's your favorite crystal

Then it could be a lesson in mindfulness. Like when you dream of losing or misplacing something important

This could be a sign that you're paying more attention to what's most important to you, or what you should be prioritizing right now.

8. It was an accident

Not all crystals have a spiritual meaning behind them, and sometimes, crystals can break by accident. Whether due to mishandling or unfortunate circumstances, accidents can happen, and crystals are not immune.

Crystals are fragile, so if you don't want to break them, take the necessary precautions when handling them.

You should be extra careful with defective or cracked crystals, as they are more susceptible to damage than other gemstones

  Does a broken crystal make it incomplete? So what is complete? Everything is complete! Try to understand the idea. Accept the belief that "I am infinite", believe in your own infinite, you think it is complete, then it is complete, you think its existence is precious, is meaningful, then reality is as you wish.


What should I do if the crystal is broken?

As long as the damage is not particularly serious, do a good job of purifying and charging, placed in a quiet space for a period of time, the energy body will automatically repair intact. Kind of like how our human bodies heal when they're broken.

If it is a crystal column with a relatively serious tip damage, as long as it is not used for energy guidance or energy surgery with the tip, it can continue to be used simply by holding it with the body or doing healing.

If the crystal is very badly damaged, you can collect the pieces, do a good blessing, and throw them into the river or the sea or return to the embrace of Mother Earth. Some people bury them in flower POTS or drink crystal water!