Our extensive and innovative product range sets us apart in the market. Headquartered in the Crystal Capital - Donghai, we are proud to be the largest producer of crystal products in China.We are a company specializing in raw crystals, carved pieces, and related products, serving customers in over 100 countries worldwide.

Exemplary Service

- Customer Focus: The customer is always right.

-Team Harmony: Embrace all internal needs.

Simplicity and Candor

- Consistency in actions and words.

- Speak openly, uphold integrity.


- Set ambitious goals, drive oneself internally, foster a spirit of perseverance.

- Dare to set and achieve.

Empathy and Warmth

- Foster mutual understanding and acceptance.

- Driven by Love, approach challenges with a positive mindset.

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    Fast and safe shipping by UPS,DHL and ect.

  • Carefully Packing

    We carefully package fragile crystals to guarantee they arrive safely in your hands.

  • Custome Prase Rate

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  • Excellent Staff

    Our team boasts dedicated sales professionals and efficient logistics experts, ensuring top-notch service from start to finish.


Helmsmancrystal derives its name from the profound quote "Sailing the sea depends on the helmsman"

We aspire to be the guiding force steering Donghai Crystal onto the global stage.

Helmsmancrystal operates as a comprehensive trading entity, encompassing research, development, design, production, and processing. Our expansive international online sales platforms facilitate the global distribution of Donghai crystal.

Encompassing a vast 20,000 square meters, our company boasts a team of over 100 skilled sculptors, complemented by more than 30 designers and inspectors, overseeing a raw material inventory exceeding 1000 tons.

Our integrated facility houses a cutting workshop, grinding workshop, manual carving workshop, machine carving workshop, polishing carving workshop, and a dedicated product R&D center. This cohesive industrial system seamlessly blends traditional manufacturing with an intelligent manufacturing production system. With a commitment to technological advancement, we've incorporated over 100 sets of 3D CNC engraving machines and numerous advanced engraving equipment.

Annually producing a myriad of crystal carving products, our factory places a premium on people-oriented environmental protection, ensuring healthy, safe production practices and ecological sustainability. Having secured certification from the National Environmental Assessment Center, we steadfastly adhere to environmental protection as a top priority.

Our sales center boasts a 3000-square-meter office building and a top-tier sales team. As of 2021, our workforce includes nearly 100 sales professionals and over 30 logistics service personnel.

Our diverse range of crystal products caters primarily to the international market, featuring crystal carvings, balls, towers, massager toys, ornaments, beauty tools, and more. Notably, our competitive products, such as crystal skulls, angels, unicorns, dragon heads, and various crystal animals, position us as pioneers in the crystal market.

Since our inception, Helmsmancrystal has continually refined itself amidst rapid sales growth, surpassing industry peers to emerge as the foremost Cross-border e-commerce entity in the crystal industry park.