Note that we operates this website. So whenever you see the terms "our", "us", or "we", that is referring to Helmsman Crystal.

Helmsman Crystal also offers all the tools, information, and services, as well as all the policies, conditions, and terms that will be mentioned here.

If you visit our website and/or make a purchase, you are automatically bound to our terms of service. (Remember, these terms cover ALL website users - customers, browsers, content contributors, merchants, vendors, etc...)

Because of that, you should carefully read our terms of service before using or accessing our website.

What if you don't agree with our terms of service?

We won't grant you access to our website or allow you to use any of our services.

For our part, we will make sure to change and/or update the terms of service should new tools or features be added.

To be aware of these changes/updates, always refer to this page.

Note that: even if you are unaware of the changes/updates, you'll still be bound by them if you use our website.

So here are our terms of service.

Section 1: Online Stop Terms

If you agree to our terms of service, you are agreeing that you are at the age of majority (above 18 in most states).

If you are a minor dependent (under 18 in most states) and you want to use our website, we'll need consent from someone who is at the age of majority, say, your parents.

You also agree that you won't use our products illegally or illegally. And, you won't use it against the laws in your state, including copyright laws.

When using our website, DO NOT try to carry viruses, codes, or other destructive worms to it.

A violation or breach of the Terms of Service means an immediate termination from our Services.

Section 2: General Conditions

We have the right to decline service to anyone should we see fit.
Know that your information can go through various network transmissions unencrypted. However, we can assure you that credit card information is ALWAYS encrypted when transferring to other networks. So you don't need to worry about that.
You agree that ALL of our items and/or services should NEVER be copied, resold, exploited, reproduced, duplicated, etc... without our written permission.

Section 3: Information Completeness, Accuracy, and Timeliness

We do not take responsibility for information that's incomplete or inaccurate.

You should know that this website only provides general information.

That said, don't rely on the info here when making decisions. Always check first with primary sources that are more complete, accurate, and timely.

It's also important to know that this website might contain historical information (info that's not current). This information is given for reference only.

Yes, we can change the website contents, but we do not update the information on our website.

So if you agree to our terms of service, that means you are responsible to know about our website changes.

Section 4: Price and Service Modifications

Product prices can change with no notice.
We can modify or interrupt the website service/content with no notice.
We are not liable for any price change, suspension, or modification to anyone (you or a third party).

Section 5: Services or Products

You may get exclusive services or products on the website. However, these services/products are limited and strictly follow our Return Policy relating to returning or exchanging these services/products.
We make sure we accurately display our products (along with the images and colors) as best as we can on the website. What we CAN'T guarantee, though, is how that will look on your monitor.
We have the right to limit sales to any jurisdiction, geographic location, or person. We also have the right to change product descriptions or pricing, as well as discontinue any product/service with no notice. Note that we only act upon these rights for certain cases.
We cannot guarantee that the services, products, information, etc... on the website will meet expectations. The same is true for errors in our services.

Section 6: Account Information and Billing Accuracy

We have the right to cancel, limit, or refuse your orders from us. We do this in cases that involve big orders that are placed under the same billing, same account, same credit card, and same shipping address. We hope you understand that this is to avoid selling our products to distributors, dealers, or resellers.

Of course, before we cancel, limit, or refuse your orders, we will notify you through the email, phone number, or billing address that you provided.

In order to get our notifications, then, you should always provide accurate, current, and complete information. If your information should change, say, your credit card number or email address, you should update the change on our website. This will help us contact you as needed and/or complete transactions quicker.

Check out our Returns Policy for more details on this.

Section 7: Optional Third-Party Tools

We provide third-party tools that you can access on our website.

But that's as far as it goes. We have no input or control over these tools. In the same way, we are not liable if something goes wrong when using these optional tools.

By accepting our Terms of Service, you agree to use these third-party tools (if you DO use them) at your own risk.

To be safe, it's best to familiarize yourself with the terms of these other providers.

New third-party features and services added to the website are also subject to the terms we mentioned here.

Section 8: Third-Party Links

Some products, services, and content on our website may consist of third-party materials. It may also include links to the websites of these third parties (websites we have no affiliation with).

Since we have no affiliation with these websites, we do not take responsibility for anything on their website, whether the accuracy of content, liability for errors, materials, products, services, etc...

We are also NOT responsible for any damage done during a product(s) transaction connected to third-party sites. The same goes for third-party sites with wrongful resources, content, services, goods, etc...

Again, make sure you read and understand the third party's terms and practices before dealing with them. If you have concerns, questions, or complaints about their services/products, bring them to the third-party site, not ours.

Section 9: Feedback, Comments, and Other User Submission

If you send us suggestions, plans, materials, proposals, etc... we can use these ideas for our website. If we do, you agree that we are not obliged to pay compensation for the suggestion/idea.
You acknowledge that we have complete control of the submissions that we ask for. E.g a contest entry or an inquiry form.
Any comment that you send to us (through email, website, postal mail, etc...) can be used in any way. We can remove, edit, or monitor it. Keep in mind, we only do that to comments that we feel are offensive, unlawful, threatening, pornographic, obscene, violent, etc... Also, we are not bound to answer your comments.
You accept that your comments will NEVER violate the rights of our website and third-party websites - rights such as trademark, copyright, proprietary, etc... Aside from that, your comments should NEVER hold abusive, unlawful, obscene remarks, as well as contain viruses and malware.
You accept that you take full responsibility for your comments. We are not liable or responsible for your (or third-party) comments.
You acknowledge that using a fake email address or pretending to be someone else to make these comments is not acceptable and is punishable.

Section 10: Personal Information

Our Privacy Policy governs the personal information you submit to our site. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Section 11: Omissions, Errors, and Inaccuracies

Our website is not perfect.

There can be some typographical, promotional, availability, description, and shipping charge errors.

However, we will make it our responsibility to correct these inaccurate and/or omission errors. This could mean changing information, as well as canceling orders, without your notice.

That said, we are not obliged to amend, update, or clarify information if not required by the law. So, if you see an update on our website, that does not mean that ALL information is updated or modified.

Section 12: Prohibited Uses

To clarify, you are NOT allowed to use our website and its contents:

For purposes that are unlawful.
For purposes that are immoral or obscene.
To convince others to perform unlawful actions.
To go against state, provincial, federal, or international laws, rules, ordinances, or regulations.
To disobey or disrupt our intellectual property rights, or someone else's.
To abuse, harass, insult, intimidate, or discriminate against people with different religions, races, disabilities, genders, ethnicities, etc...
To mislead anyone with fake information.
To transfer or carry viruses or other malware that affects and destroys the function or operation of our website, services, third-party sites, Internet, etc...
To gather and/or track someone else's personal information.
To scrape, spam, phish, crawl, or any of the likes.
To hack or interfere with our security features.
If you violate any of these prohibitions, we will terminate your account and your use of our website.

Remember, these prohibitions are additional to the prohibitions we mention here. This means, there are other prohibitions that you need to be aware of.

Section 13: Liability Limitation; Disclaimer Warranties

We can't guarantee that your time with us will be secure, error-free, or uninterrupted. The same is true with accurate or reliable results when using our services.

If you accept our Terms of Service, you are agreeing that we can remove or cancel our services for some time with no notice.

You also agree that using our service is at your own risk. That could mean the products or services you buy/avail of come "as is". No warranties, representation, or conditions unless stated.

Helmsman Crystal and everyone working for us (employees, agents, directors, contractors, suppliers, service providers, etc...) are not responsible for any loss, claim, injury, or damage made directly or indirectly by our products/services. E.g. We are not liable for loss of profit/revenue, replacement expenses, errors of omission, product damage, etc...

There are some jurisdictions and states that do not permit limited liability for incidental or consequential damages. In these areas, our liability won't be limited but executed fully to the extent of the law.

Section 14: Indemnification

You agree that you'll indemnify and defend Helmsman Crystal(and all workers under us) from claims of a breach you did against our Terms of Service made by a third party. Or, if a third-party claims you violated their laws and rights.

Section 15: Severability

If some of our Terms of Service are proven to be void, unenforceable, or unlawful, you still have to follow them to an extent that is permitted by law. On the other hand, the unenforceable section will be severed.

Note that this doesn't mean the valid and enforceable Terms of Service will also be severed. No, these terms will remain intact.

Section 16: Termination

Even if your account is about to get terminated, you are still under the liabilities and obligations of our Terms of Service. These will be effective until you are officially terminated (by us or you).

To terminate your Terms of Service agreement, you can always just notify us that you won't be using our Services anymore. Or, you can terminate it by ceasing to use our website.

We will terminate our Services if you fail to follow our Terms of Service. (Note that we will do this without giving you any notice.) This termination means you are liable for your actions and/or you won't be able to access our Services.

Section 17: Entire Agreement

We will take full responsibility if ever we fail to enforce or exercise our part in the Terms of Service

Know that these Terms of Service (as well as our other policies and rules) are the final agreement. Anything that was said prior to this, whether in communication or proposals, is not valid (including older versions of our Terms of Service).

The drafting party is the one that can determine and interpret our Terms of Service. You cannot try to force your own interpretation of it.

Section 18: Governing Law

When completing your purchase, a billing statement including ' helmsmancrystal.com' and the country code such as 'HK', 'UK', etc. would be displayed on the payment page and/or your card statement.

All purchases will be processed by our respective entity in the corresponding country as indicated by the country code in the billing statement and are governed by the Local Law.

Section 19: Terms of Service Changes

You can visit this page at any time to view our latest Terms of Service.

We make sure we keep our Terms of Service up to date by changing and posting them to our site.

Check this page now and then to see any changes or updates. It's wise to do this as those changes/updates will stand out even if you are unaware of them.

Section 20: Contact Information

Have any questions about our Terms of Service? Shoot us an email at helmsmancrystal@gmail.com